Save today for a childs secure tomorrow

Parents are always concerned about their childs future but we know that they will do their best to give their children a bright future.

Many of us have a lot of goals to meet. These ambitions become more special if they are for our spouse and children. Specifically if they are for our kids. We as dad and mom often want to provide our kids the greatest, especially when it is a question of their Education and learning. On the other hand, with the significantly raising cost of advanced schooling, we have to be well prepared and sure that when the time comes; our children’s wishes come true!

Many of these targets have a cost included and if you do not plan your finances properly, you may be unable to give the needed economic assistance to your kid when you really need it the most. Such as, with the raising education and learning cost, if you aren’t financially well prepared, your kid may miss an opportunity of a life.

There are actually various methods and means to build a corpus for your kid. Most parents begin with opening a bank account for their baby; some buy a number of investment instruments or even precious metals like gold.

Most life insurance providers offer you a variety of Child Plans that not just assist you grow funds via market linked instruments, but additionally make sure that your child gets financial support as planned, even when you are not there.

It is actually important for you to be aware of what all of the options are offering and the way it best works for yourself and your kids.


  • Time period for creating a corpus.
  • Age when the fund would be needed.
  • Estimated amounts to create the corpus.
  • The total amount offered to the kid in the event of loss of life of parents or disability of the premium-paying mother or father.


Many providers offer you a money back option at important key events. For instance, your kid generally will have to join for college or a professional program at age 18 or 21 years. At this stage, you will require to pay a large amount as fees. These policies make sure that you get some of your accrued investments at this time.

Your kid gets financial protection even if any unfortunate incident results in the parent’s death and/or impairment.

The insurance corporation generally makes a one time payment on dying of the parent. This lump sum payment is referred to as the Sum Assured and is the insurance part of the policy. This sum is paid often immediately to the kid (if he / she is above the age of 18 years) or to an appointee (if the kid is a minor).

On top of that, in many instances, the insurance provider can pay the outstanding premiums into the plan. This feature is popular across almost all of the plans made available and is widely known as the Waiver of Premium benefit. Which means that the plan carries on and will not end at the death of the parent.

The child usually receives the accrued fund value at maturity even though the ‘Sum Assured’ has been paid on the unfortunate event of the parent’s death.

Therefore, it is very crucial that preparing for the kid begins early in life to make sure the funds required at different stages gets accrued without harming other life targets. Listed here are few factors which should be viewed as when preparing for the child future:

Identify the Need of your child.
Have Enough Security

Get started as early as possible.
Nomination: You nominate your kid in all the investments and savings thinking that he is certain to get the needed money when you’re not there without having any issues.

Raising kids and then providing them with sound financial support is an very tough and an important part of being a parent.

The reality is time passes by rapidly and it is actually the little steps that you are taking every day that be useful with regards to you planning for your child’s future. Whether it’s 40 year old Abhijeet Joshi, Medical Store Owner, who is a conventional investor or 39 year old Varsha Kelkar, Project Manager, wth reputed software company in Hinjewadi Pune, who loves to dabble in mutual funds, investment is a important part of their financial plans.

One more great thing for young people to do is get health insurance. It helps you to save you additional pressure and guarantees a secure future.

[highlight]The sooner you start the much easier it will be in the future. If you start to save now, it is going to save a lot of potential money and disappointment seeking to get loan in order to cover the education of your kids.[/well][/highlight]


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